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Natalie Pupo

Registered Holistic-Nutritionist

My love for Holistic Health and Functional Medicine began in my late twenties when I struggled for years from orthorexia, anxiety and an eating disorder that caused many frightening health problems to arise. I lost my period for an entire year, my hair was beginning to thin out, I was anemic, had low libido and I was constantly anxious, to name a few. When I finally came to terms with my illness and decided to turn my life around I made an appointment to see Dr. Amber Merrick, in hopes that she could help to regain my health and put things into perspective before my problems got even worse. The minute I met Amber she lit up the room with her presence, her knowledge and deep passion for Naturopathic Medicine. Just when I thought there was no hope, Amber inspired me to take my devotion of healthy eating and exercise to a new level. Instead of obsessing over everything I ate and how my body looked at every angle, I began supporting and loving my body the way God made it. Very quickly, counting calories and weighing myself daily became a thing of the past and I began feeling better and better with each passing day. It took almost two years to climb out of the hole I dug so deep but with positive daily affirmations, practicing intuitive eating and exercising to be well, I have gained my healthy weight back. I am proud to say that I am both mentally and physically the healthiest version of myself I have ever been in my life.

Leaving my family business of almost 10 years was far from easy but I knew I had to follow my heart and my dreams of inspiring others to regain their health through natural food, a healthy mind and holistic medicine. I went on to take a Nutrition summer course through Niagara College to get my feet wet and see if this path was really something I truly loved. It turned out I excelled and couldn’t wait to further my education. I began researching schools that taught Holistic Health and came across The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, who offered an online 2-year distance education Holistic-Nutritionist Course. I sent in an application and started the first of the year in January 2017. As a full-time, at-home student I was able to graduate sooner than expected and achieved a diploma in Holistic Nutrition in July of 2018.

My goal as an R.H.N is to assess and rebalance each individual’s biochemistry as a whole, which includes the mind, body and spirit. As our world and its environment continues to become more and more toxic, we need to become aware of the side effects and symptoms manifested from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. The human body works very much like a pendulum swing in which it is constantly trying to remain in balance. Once it becomes imbalanced, symptoms occur and the choice is ours to either address the underlying cause of the symptoms or mask the problems by treating them with traditional allopathic medicine. Using a holistic approach, the individual is able to recognize why their symptoms appear and when left untreated how conditions can progressively get much worse.

The body was designed to BE HEALTHY and therefore has the ability to reverse disease progression with the use of natural, good quality, nutrient-dense foods and specific supplements to help bring the body back into balance. The health of the gut (known as our “second brain”) plays an enormous role in your overall health and well-being as it often is where most conditions stem from. By meeting with my clients and carefully assessing their physical appearance, symptoms and lifestyle forms, I am able to use the principles of holistic health to educate and guide my clients through a long-term individualized wellness program, providing education and ongoing assessments in order to reach their health goals. This includes the use of whole foods, menu plans, naturally sourced supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

I am very passionate about what I do and treat each individual with respect and honesty regardless of their wellness goals, personal tastes, morals, social and life values. I would be honoured to work with you and help you achieve your optimal health. Always remember: The key to your optimal health belongs to you!

Currently, I am a member of the CSNN Alumni Association and I am accepting new clients at DOCERE: Institute of Wellness. I have a particular interest in gut health and digestion, allergies, weight loss, hormone balancing, and mental health.

“When we consider the condition as an error, we get medicine. However, when we consider it as a warning signal, we search for its cause.”


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