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Dr. Meghan McNaughton

Dr. Meghan McNaughton

Naturopathic Doctor

Hi, I’m Dr. Meghan McNaughton, mom, entrepreneur, and Naturopathic Doctor. I am passionate about helping women become healthy, confident mothers. I have a special interest in fertility and pregnancy care, thyroid and hormonal balance, as well as resolving digestive concerns. 

My goal is to get you beyond feeling “fine”. You deserve to feel energetic and happy, living your best life. You deserve to be heard. If you are tired of being told that there is nothing wrong, despite your better judgement, I want you to know that I understand. 

I too have ridden the health roller-coaster. Having overcome two life-threatening bouts of an autoimmune condition, followed by years of digestive troubles and hormone imbalance, I’ve experienced the significant benefits of Naturopathic care. In fact, it changed my life, because it's was what made the difference in making me feel well. Now I want to make that difference for you. 

In my practice, I use an evidence-based approach and focus on guiding you through a step-by-step treatment plan to help you reach your goals without the overwhelm. 


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