Holistic-Nutrition Consultations

Holistic-Nutrition Consultations

Holistic Nutritional consultations begin with the personal responsibility you have made to living a healthier lifestyle. Natalie distinctively works with you to help uncover nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that may be at the root of your health issues. Personalized plans of action will then be implemented to assist in rebalancing the body as a whole entity, mind-body-spirit. The plans will include individualized dietary protocols and recommendations, supplements and lifestyle modifications in order for you to reach optimum health and wellness.

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation includes two sessions. 

Consultation #1 | (30 mins)

Natalie takes a full health history and understands your main health concern, including your health goals, dietary habits, lifestyle, family history and any other information she needs to create a customized plan of action for you. 

Consultation #2 | Plan Delivery (60 mins)

This hour is designed to review the personalized diet and lifestyle plan so that you can move forward with confidence. This plan will include a detailed case study report summarizing the relation between the main body imbalances and your main health concerns. Specific dietary recommendations, supplementation (if necessary), and lifestyle changes will all be discussed in order to support the entire body during these preliminary stages. Natalie will provide the necessary information and support so that you can implement the plan in a way that suits you best. Weekly email check-ins will be available to see how you are progressing and whether any adjustments are necessary.

Associated Conditions

Gastrointestinal Concerns

Hormone Imbalance

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