Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a non-invasive and pain free treatment, which involves the irradiation of injured or diseased tissue with a combination of red and infrared light in a specific sequence scientifically designed for optimal clinical outcomes. This process initiates a series of physiological reactions within the cells which leads to the restoration of normal cell structure and function.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

Patients experiencing any of the following acute or chronic conditions listed could benefit from laser therapy:

  • any form of muscular injury
  • joint pain (i.e. low back pain, TMJ dysfunction)
  • ligament or tendon tears
  • arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo)
  • repetitive stress injury (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • subluxations/post-dislocations
  • inflammation of tendons, bursae, muscle, or fascia (i.e. plantar fasciitis)
  • calcification’s (i.e. bone spurs)
  • post surgical scarring (orthopedic, cosmetic)
  • scar reduction

Administration Schedule

The number of treatment sessions will vary depending on a patient’s condition, however, the effects of laser therapy treatment can be cumulative, and anywhere from 5-12 treatments are typically required to treat most conditions.

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